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New Work in Progress…


Introduction – New Work…

The aim of this rolling post will be to show pieces in preparation/production before they become available in the shop. I have a number of pieces in progress at any one time for varying reasons. That final bit of inspiration is eluding me to get the finish or effect I envisaged at the outset of the piece. Some pieces need to be made in stages, allowing some processes to cure or dry before the next step towards completion. Make a comment, offer advice or insight to maybe influence what I do next!

Just completed – awaiting pricing…

This firey piece of lightly spalted Horse Chestnut has been stained and sanded back multiple times to give a layered depth to the colours in this 14" bowl. Finished in lacquer and burnished to a lovely shine, it really glows in some lights showing off chatoyance in the timber.
This 12″ English Beech bowl has a verdigris enhanced, textured and domed rim, framed with a black border line. Again created over several days, the copper base is applied and dried, then re-applied and treated with an oxidiser. After a time the whole is protected and locked with a satin lacquer to protect the delicate patina. The central bowl is burnished to a high gloss to contrast with the rim.
A modern style chunky English Ash bowl with an evenly grooved exterior, highlighted in gloss white. The bowl is approximately 12" diameter and 3" deep with fabulous internal grain highlighted by the gloss finish.
An australian Malee burr turned to enhance the natural grain whilst retaining the extraordinary external burr natural texture.
Brown Oak Burr with a dark green resin inlay. The bowl has the classic ovolo section.
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