My ethos is to get the most out of the piece of wood with which I am currently working. I don’t turn wood to produce a piece that is just round and brown! I aim to bring out the very best in the wood, whether this is enhancing the natural grain to bring out the maximum character, or colouring and texturing the piece to enhance its beauty. Everything I make is individual, even if I make multiple pieces from the same design, reflecting my brand TurnedUnique.

The wood I use is sourced primarily from Sussex from suppliers who process local trees obtained from sustainable sources. In addition, I am able to obtain unusual pieces of native wood fro several local tree surgeons, who would otherwise chip the timber! All my timber has been seasoned for at least a year per inch thickness until the moisture content has reached a level suitable for most homes. The small amount of exotics I use, primarily for custom pens, is obtained via a UK importer who adheres strictly to CITES regulations.

I enjoy exploring new ideas, sometimes bringing in techniques from other artistic disciplines whether staining, airbrushing, gilding, stenciling, pyrography or inlaying. No technique is safe from my artistic explorations! I have learned from others and I’m keen to share my knowledge to benefit fellow artists.

I hope the pieces I make, taking many hours of work, bring enjoyment and pleasure to my customers in their home.

My Rough n'Red turned bowl